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Mini Back Scratcher made of Exotic Wood of Purple Heart and accented with Maple, Gift for her


A special mini backscratcher. About 5 inches shorter than our average length. Why? Because this makes the best backscratcher to carry with you mobile. It can go in the vehicle with you, camping, backpack on your motorcycle, etc., just so easy to carry with. Told you, we always have your back, now you can provide the same courtesy to yourself, friend or loved one!

This handcrafted wooden backstratcher is made of the exotic wood of Purple Heart. We used Maple as an accent wood for the handle and tip, as well as an inlay between the Purple Heart. This handcrafted wooden back scratcher is as functional as it is handsome! We have our PC on the inside spine so you know you have an athentic Percy's Creations! We finished it off with a natural stain with multiple sprays and sanding with a satin finish of polyurethane.

This isn't your "store bought" backscratcher! Where excellence is a tradition, this stands among them! Our back scratchers are made to last a lifetime and beyond! A lanyard is on the end of the handle giving one an easy way to hang it up for an easy grab when you need us to "have your back".

This back scratcher was carefully crafted by hand to provide a very nice curvature and to make it easy to get to those hard to reach spots! A lot of elbow grease and craftsmanship used to give this a beautiful polished sheen and the quality will last for years to come.

This unique back scratcher is 16 1/4 inches long.

All our items are handmade with pride in the Central Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Shipping Cost: US-FREE Canada: $38.95 | International: $53.40

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